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KDE Telepathy 0.5 To Be Released Next Week

Over the last two months we have been preparing to release version 0.5 of KDE Telepathy.

This release brings over 50 bug fixes and 500 commits since 0.4.

About our release cycles

Every alternate release in KDE Telepathy does not bring many new features, but instead puts the focus on bug fixes, minor improvements, and putting on the extra polish throughout our current feature set.


LightDM-KDE 0.2.0 Released

After far too long, I'm happy to announce LightDM-KDE 0.2.0!


Experimenting With Telepathy Tubes

During Akademy Daniele Domenichelli and I held a workshop on Telepathy Tubes and how they can be integrated in your application.

What is a Telepathy Tube

In Telepathy, a tube is a method of sending arbitrary data between two contacts over the XMPP stream. This is abstracted to the developer in the form of a local TCP socket or a separate Dbus session between the two computers. This allows you to set up a network connection without having to worry about all the difficulties of IP addresses, firewalls, routing and NATs.


Improving the KDE Usability Review Process

During the workspace sprint I had several discussions with the Usability expert Björn Balazs (of open usability fame) about how to bridge the gaps between usability teams and developers, how to improve the communication and trust between the two and how to increase involvement.

One of the actions we undertook was a trial run of offering the chance of usability input during the code review process. To do this we have added a usability group on reviewboard which can be assigned to add a UI check to any code checking.


Structured Testing For KDE 4.9

This release cycle we're trying to improve the KDE quality process and add in some structured testing. This is a new program so we're trialing a lot of new ideas.

Application testing checklists

I've taken responsibility for testing all the newly rewritten QML plasmoids with a thorough checklist to make sure everything new is up to scratch ready for a great Plasma future.

This also exists for some other KDE apps (see wiki pages for details), and hopefully more in future.


Google Two-Step Authentication On Your Desktop

What is it?

Google offer a two step authentication system for their websites where, in order to log in, a user must enter both their password and a special number displayed on the user's phone using a special app that displays a changing unlock code. This code is only valid for a 2 minute window, and so a hacker needs access to the device as well as your password in order to log in.


The plan for LightDM-0.2

Having got the first release of LightDM out the way we're looking forward to what our future releases should entail.

0.1 was released purely so we could start testing and get feedback as to what features need to be added for subsequent releases. In some areas we are already ahead of KDM, and even the LightDM frontend used by Unity but in some areas 0.1 is really lagging behind and there's a lot to be done before it's "complete" and ready for distributions to ship.


KDE Telepathy HackFest Day 12th May

We're coming up to our 0.4 release of KDE Telepathy but we still have a range of little bugs that we want to get fixed in order to make 0.4 as great as possible.

Come down to #kde-telepathy on Freenode on Saturday the 12th of May where we will be hacking non-stop from midday (UTC) till midday Sunday and join us in a massive bug squashing session.


KDE Telepathy 0.3.1 Released

Today we released a patch on our 0.3 stable version of the KDE Telepathy IM suite.

Downloads are available from KDE's download site or from your distribution very shortly.

This release contains several minor bug fixes from our last release, and adds further stability.


What's coming in KDE Telepathy 0.4

It's been a long time since I've blogged about KDE Telepathy, we've got so much going on that we've had to delay the release so we can get everything perfect. Here's a sneak preview of all the new stuff in this release.

Log Viewer

Assuming you have had an application called TpLogger installed all your messages have been logged, only without a way to view them. Now in 0.4 I wrote a log viewer to see them all.

Merging Kopete logs is a work in progress, but it is being thought about (but probably not for 0.4).



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