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KDE LightDM Frontend 0.3.1 available

LightDM-KDE version 0.3.1 has been released.


  • Fixed user avatars not appearing (working around a bug in AccountsService)
  • Fixed translations not loading correctly

Source code can be found at, and will be in your distribution shortly.


KDE Telepathy 0.5.2 Released

KDE Telepathy 0.5.2 codename "we already have it" has just been released.

This brings a whole tonne of festive bugfixes. What better present could you ask for?

Since 0.5.1 we have fixed the following:


KDE Testing for 4.10 - The Developer Version

The KDE Quality Team is designed to, amongst other things, manage the release tesing for KDE and move towards having a structured approach rather than just releasing some code, and seeing what happens.

This means keeping clear instructions on how to install the latest betas, promoting testing and trying to do the testing more effectively.


KDE Testing in 4.10

As usual KDE is running the testing program throughout the beta period
of KDE 4.10. It's a great way to get involved in KDE.

How do I get the latest release?

The latest release for testing can be found on our wiki page
we try and keep this up to date with the latest information from your distribution.


Dave's Useful Tools - KDED Tester

KDED is a daemon for running lots small workspace tasks. Tasks such as monitoring display changes, notifying you if you run out of free space, power management and so on. Running each of these as it's own process has a lot of overhead and as each task is really tiny they are built as plugins all loading by one process, the kde daemon (kded).

KDE Telepathy 0.5.1 Released

Today we are releasing 0.5.1 of KDE Telepathy, the first patch release in our 0.5 series.

We have fixed over 14 bugs since release, including:


An update on Extra Mile

The aim of the extra mile project is put some energy into fixing the little annoyances in KDE, the small bugs and UI issues which get in the way of the user.

We've been working on areas all over KDE, I've outlined some of my favourite changes I've been working on over this past week.


A week of awesome contributors

When dealing with bug reports, getting bugs that you can't reproduce is one of the worst situations to be in. Without the right information it's impossible to progress. Knowing where the bug is is 90% of bug fixing, if we are unable to reproduce something it's frustrating for everyone involved.

This week two bug reporters have stood out as being absolutely fantastic. So much so, they deserve a shout out on PlanetKDE.


Use of KDE Widgets

The goal of KDE when it was first started, was to create a consistent desktop. Where all the look, feel and interaction from one app was the same as the next app.

I've seen lots of mockups or discussions which use Plasma components inside desktop applications, the result not only looks inconsistent but prevents a usability problem.

(FIXME mockup showing what I'm talking about)

LightDM-KDE 0.3.0 Released

LightDM-KDE 0.3 released

I have just released version 0.3 of LightDM-KDE, the new alternate KDE login manager. LightDM-KDE is set to be the new default login manager in the next release of Kubuntu.

This release brings many bug fixes including:



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