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A Sneak Peek at KTp Active


No tablet would be complete without instant messaging. Thanks to awesome bachelor thesis work we had a non-working mockup of an active client. This active client remains separate from our desktop work.

In recent weeks I've been transforming this code to go from a non-working prototype to something working with real contact lists and text chats.


KDE, LightDM and the Mir Kerfuffle

With Canonical's decision to make a new display server, there's been some questions as to how this affects LightDM and the KDE front end I've spent a long time working towards.

It's a perfectly sensible question, LightDM has heavy Canonical sponsorship, and a display server needs to be supported in the display manager.


KDE Telepathy 0.6 Beta Released

Today we released a beta of 0.6.0 of KDE Telepathy KDE's instant messaging client.

New Features


Kopete log migration

KTp now imports logs from Kopete accounts into our log format. For new KTp users this will be asked if they wish to import when they create an account, existing users can also import logs by opening the log viewer.


KDE Telepathy Enters Hard Feature Freeze

With KDE Telepathy 0.5.3 out the door out our entire focus is on 0.6.0 our next major release. We have just entered a hard feature freeze to allow for a solid month of bugfixing.

Important Dates

Hard Feature Freeze - 3rd March

A hard feature freeze is when no new features can be added to the code. All work has to be on fixing bugs and polishing.

Beta Release - 6th March

We will make a public beta release so you can see all the new features and provide useful feedback before the full release.


KDE Telepathy 0.5.3

We are pleased to anounce the release of KDE Telepathy 0.5.3.

0.5.3 is a patch release in the 0.5 series and provides various bug fixes and updated translations.


First User Developed KDE-LightDM Theme Created

As KDE-LightDM prepares for heading into extragear, I'm busy tying up all the loose ends and final bits of polish on the product. One of the final items left is working on making it easy for modders and hackers to build their own themes and make these really easy to install for all users.

In recent weeks, I've had two people contact me with regards to making their own themes which is really encouraging.


KDE 4.10-RC2 Testing

With the second RC of KDE4.2 just released, now is a really important time to get involved in testing KDE 4.10.

During this release, due to changes based on feedback, two areas of KDE have undergone a significant change between Release Candidate 1 and 2. This isn't typical, so to ensure the final release goes as smoothly as possible an extra release candidate is going to be created. This will delay the KDE 4.10 release, but it does help ensure that KDE 4.10 is the best ever.


KDE LightDM Frontend 0.3.1 available

LightDM-KDE version 0.3.1 has been released.


  • Fixed user avatars not appearing (working around a bug in AccountsService)
  • Fixed translations not loading correctly

Source code can be found at, and will be in your distribution shortly.


KDE Telepathy 0.5.2 Released

KDE Telepathy 0.5.2 codename "we already have it" has just been released.

This brings a whole tonne of festive bugfixes. What better present could you ask for?

Since 0.5.1 we have fixed the following:


KDE Testing for 4.10 - The Developer Version

The KDE Quality Team is designed to, amongst other things, manage the release tesing for KDE and move towards having a structured approach rather than just releasing some code, and seeing what happens.

This means keeping clear instructions on how to install the latest betas, promoting testing and trying to do the testing more effectively.



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