My new widget in Frameworks

One of the new features coming to Frameworks 5.15 is my new widget KCollapsibleGroupBox.

Acting like QGroupBox it allows you to hide some of the more advanced options out the way till the user expands the header revealing the rest. A common web pattern, but lacking in Qt or KF5.

Good for making a long list of pages navigable or hiding features that only a small fraction of users will find useful.

simple by default, powerful when needed

Handy, but mundane. Why the blog post?

There's no point in writing a new class in a library if no-one knows about it.

Also I wanted to highlight two more interesting topics:

Working with the VDG

The main reason I wrote it was because every mockup given to me to by the VDG, especially from the usability expert Heiko Tietze, invariably featured this widget somewhere.

Our resources need to match what's being requested from our design team as described by Thomas in his recent blog post.

Bringing our QWidget library forwards

Another important aspect that's worth broadcasting is how we're still moving our QWidget libraries forwards. Whilst there's talk about them being outdated or replaced, that's really not the case; and still definitely the best candidate for building any serious desktop application.

This isn't the only new change; there's still a lot of areas that can and should be improved to modernise our platforms for the current set of applications.