KDbg for KDE 4 Rc1

Before getting fully caught up in KDE Telepathy I helped out working on an interesting project Kdbg, a graphical front end to the debugger.

Whilst several IDEs have this built-in, a standalone program allows for more detailed data inspection, and is a useful tool when debugging code not set up in your IDE.

Version 2.4.95 is the release candidate of the first KDE 4 release, and I felt it deserved advertising on PlanetKDE.

Below is the mailing list announcement from the lead developer Johannes Sixt:

I've pushed out KDbg 2.4.95 to the git repositories at sourceforge and


(branch master).

KDbg is now ported to KDE4 and has also recived a slight face lift with new
button art work. The program icon should be exchanged, but I'm not an

Please report your impressions so that I can make the final release next week.

To compile the program after you checked it out:

1. create a build directory next to the source directory
2. cmake ../kdbg
3. use cmake-gui to check for a suitable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
4. make
5. (possibly as root) make install

Special thanks go to David Edmundson and Gilles Allard for their valuable help
in porting to KDE4.

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