One week till KDE Telepathy 0.2

We're making the next magic release of KDE Telepathy next week, now would be the perfect time to help test and squash any final bugs before our second milestone release.

Included in this release:

  • KWallet integration
  • Auto Away and Now-Playing status messages
  • A contact plasmoid
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and other minor improvements

Compilation instructions are available here.

If you have any problems check the troubleshooting page, also I will be around most the weekend in #kde-telepathy if you have any further questions or difficulties.

We are still very much in a development phase, there are still plenty of rough edges, and we are still not as feature complete as other IM clients out there. However things are vastly improved from 0.1.

There are daily-build packages available for SuSE, but do not use the currently daily-builds from our Ubuntu PPA as they are currently broken and as such you will not be able to connect any account.

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