Plasma Beta Review Day

Plasma 5.20 is now in beta, which gives us one month of intense testing, bugfixing and polishing.

During this time we need as many hands on deck as possible to help with finding regressions, triaging incoming reports and generally being on top of as much as possible.

In order to make this process more accessible, more systematic and hopefully more fun we are going to run an official "Plasma Beta Review Day"


Any user of plasma able to install the latest beta or run a live ISO with our beta on it who want to help.


Thursday the 24th September; midday to midnight CEST, with people welcome to turn up and drop out whenever.


Join us in the webconferencing channel: The webserver we used for Akademy. There will be a room available.
You can join with a camera and a microphone or just in the classic text chat.

What will this consistent of?

  • Introductions to bugzilla for people who want support filing or triaging their first bugs
  • Being assigned short buglists to validate, de-duplicate, for those more experienced
  • Going through a defined list of all the new areas of Plasma to check for regressions
  • Devs being online so we can get debug info for issues you have so we can identify and fix things in real time

What should I prepare?

Ideally get yourself set up with a beta of the latest Plasma. Follow the links for: for an image running either master or Plasma 5.19.90

I hope to see you all soon!

7 thoughts on “Plasma Beta Review Day”

  1. Fantastic initiative in my humble opinion David, I’ve been testing it on my distro and it’s becoming really really fine, I already reported a few bugs (which were already reported, but I couldn’t find them when I searched just before open them) and at least one of them which was really annoying is already fixed, so pretty nice :).

    1. There’s a thread on plasma-devel. If you think some etherpad like shared notes thing is better, go for it and drop a link in the ML thread.

      For bug reports I think want to use something dynamic in bugzilla so we can make a queryable list. either milestones or a vhi + regression keyword or something.

  2. As an everyday user with no real development / programming knowledge would I also be able to contribute?

    I’ve become a dedicated KDE user this year and I’d love a way to help out if I can.

    1. Sure!

      And there’s no commitments or anything formal you can turn up, maybe look through some bug reports, and leave whenever.

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