A Sneak Peek at KTp Active


No tablet would be complete without instant messaging. Thanks to awesome bachelor thesis work we had a non-working mockup of an active client. This active client remains separate from our desktop work.

In recent weeks I've been transforming this code to go from a non-working prototype to something working with real contact lists and text chats.

How to set up the latest ktp-active

Install the latest version of plasma-mobile-components. Personally I use project-neon for this to keep a separate environment.

Install the latest (git master, not 0.6.1) of ktp-common-internals

You will need to open system settings and change your workspace theme to "Air Mobile".

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/ktp-active

Change directory to application/package and run "plasmoidviewer"

You will need to set up your accounts using either our desktop Accounts KCM Module, or manually using the mc-tool command line tool.

This sounds awesome, how can I get involved?

See our KTp wiki page http://community.kde.org/KTp/Getting_Involved
We have a wiki page for the active project, which lists some tasks to be done. We are not accepting bug reports on ktp-active at this point.

Ping me (d_ed) on IRC for details.