KDE Testing in 4.10

As usual KDE is running the testing program throughout the beta period
of KDE 4.10. It's a great way to get involved in KDE.

How do I get the latest release?

The latest release for testing can be found on our wiki page http://community.kde.org/Getinvolved/Quality/Beta/4.10/Installing
we try and keep this up to date with the latest information from your distribution.


Dave's Useful Tools - KDED Tester

KDED is a daemon for running lots small workspace tasks. Tasks such as monitoring display changes, notifying you if you run out of free space, power management and so on. Running each of these as it's own process has a lot of overhead and as each task is really tiny they are built as plugins all loading by one process, the kde daemon (kded).

KDE Telepathy 0.5.1 Released

Today we are releasing 0.5.1 of KDE Telepathy, the first patch release in our 0.5 series.

We have fixed over 14 bugs since release, including:


An update on Extra Mile

The aim of the extra mile project is put some energy into fixing the little annoyances in KDE, the small bugs and UI issues which get in the way of the user.

We've been working on areas all over KDE, I've outlined some of my favourite changes I've been working on over this past week.


LightDM-KDE 0.3.0 Released

LightDM-KDE 0.3 released

I have just released version 0.3 of LightDM-KDE, the new alternate KDE login manager. LightDM-KDE is set to be the new default login manager in the next release of Kubuntu.

This release brings many bug fixes including:


KDE Telepathy 0.5 To Be Released Next Week

Over the last two months we have been preparing to release version 0.5 of KDE Telepathy.

This release brings over 50 bug fixes and 500 commits since 0.4.

About our release cycles

Every alternate release in KDE Telepathy does not bring many new features, but instead puts the focus on bug fixes, minor improvements, and putting on the extra polish throughout our current feature set.


LightDM-KDE 0.2.0 Released

After far too long, I'm happy to announce LightDM-KDE 0.2.0!


Experimenting With Telepathy Tubes

During Akademy Daniele Domenichelli and I held a workshop on Telepathy Tubes and how they can be integrated in your application.

What is a Telepathy Tube

In Telepathy, a tube is a method of sending arbitrary data between two contacts over the XMPP stream. This is abstracted to the developer in the form of a local TCP socket or a separate Dbus session between the two computers. This allows you to set up a network connection without having to worry about all the difficulties of IP addresses, firewalls, routing and NATs.


Improving the KDE Usability Review Process

During the workspace sprint I had several discussions with the Usability expert Björn Balazs (of open usability fame) about how to bridge the gaps between usability teams and developers, how to improve the communication and trust between the two and how to increase involvement.

One of the actions we undertook was a trial run of offering the chance of usability input during the code review process. To do this we have added a usability group on reviewboard which can be assigned to add a UI check to any code checking.


Structured Testing For KDE 4.9

This release cycle we're trying to improve the KDE quality process and add in some structured testing. This is a new program so we're trialing a lot of new ideas.

Application testing checklists

I've taken responsibility for testing all the newly rewritten QML plasmoids with a thorough checklist to make sure everything new is up to scratch ready for a great Plasma future.

This also exists for some other KDE apps (see wiki pages for details), and hopefully more in future.



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