KDE Telepathy 0.5.3

We are pleased to anounce the release of KDE Telepathy 0.5.3.

0.5.3 is a patch release in the 0.5 series and provides various bug fixes and updated translations.


  • 291653 - Cannot edit identity on local-xmpp account. (Accounts KCM)
  • 310529 - Status is displayed as offline when contact list is opened (Text UI)
  • 310981 - Avatars are not loaded sometimes (Log Viewer)
  • 311928 - Contact list doesn't refresh after filtered contact was moved to other group (Contact List)
  • 312339 - Make tab switching able to cycle tabs. (Text UI)
  • 312603 - Chat starting time should be when the first message was received, not when the window opened (Text UI)
  • 312615 - There should be a shortcut for opening chats, maybe Enter (Contact List)
  • 313110 - Emoticons ending in "\" cause UI corruption (Text UI)
  • 313437 - Edit Identity button not enabled/disabled when account connects/disconnect (Accounts KCM)
  • 313525 - ktp-text-ui crashes, on "bad" sent/received message" (Text UI)
  • 313927 - Telepathy/KDE crashed (Contact List)

Source tarballs are available from here and should be in your distribution shortly.

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