KDE Telepathy Enters Hard Feature Freeze

With KDE Telepathy 0.5.3 out the door out our entire focus is on 0.6.0 our next major release. We have just entered a hard feature freeze to allow for a solid month of bugfixing.

Important Dates

Hard Feature Freeze - 3rd March

A hard feature freeze is when no new features can be added to the code. All work has to be on fixing bugs and polishing.

Beta Release - 6th March

We will make a public beta release so you can see all the new features and provide useful feedback before the full release.

String freeze - 16th March
After this date we are not able to change any of the text used by our applications, It gives our translator team a stable set of text (strings) to work with without us changing them the whole time.

The release - 30th March
Hopefully self-explanatory 🙂

What's going to be new in 0.6?

Find out yourselves by running the latest code 🙂
A real announcement will come with the official beta release.

How do I run the latest code?

KTp is generally really stable as all the developers use IM on a daily basis always running the latest code. It helps us to have lots of people running the latest code before we release a piece of software so we know about, and can fix, issues from a wide variety of set ups as we introduce new code, before it hits the general masses.

It helps us, and you get to be on the "bleeding edge". Please report all bugs as they come in.

From Source

We have instructions in our wiki at http://community.kde.org/KTp/Getting_Set_Up

(K)Ubuntu Packages

If you use Kubuntu we have a PPA of our latest code.
Install instructions are:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:telepathy-kde/daily-builds
sudo apt-get remove kde-telepathy-minimal plasma-widget-telepathy-presence
sudo apt-get install ktp-desktop-applets

OpenSuse packages

zypper ar -f http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground:/Telepathy/openSUSE_12.2/KDE:Unstable:Playground:Telepathy.repo
zypper in telepathy-kde

How can I get involved?

Join our mailing lists and IRC channels and get hacking on any outstanding bugs. Note that we are in a feature freeze, but any bugfixing/polishing is always a really good way to get involved in a project.

For contact information see our wiki page http://community.kde.org/KTp/Getting_Involved

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