KDE Package KIO


This piece of software was suggested as past of the KDE Brainstorm by "Alteo Gange".

This KIO slave lists files for an installed package. This makes it easy to find configuration files for a piece of software, find where space is being used or even simply to have a look at what is installed.

Once installed visiting package:/ will list all installed packages.

Visiting package:/amarok will list the files that are came from the Amarok package



KWakeOnLan is a graphical front end for sending Wake On Lan packets to your computer. WOL packets cause a target computer to wake up. This appliation allows you to wake any computer from Mac address, and also to store that address for future waking.

Wikipedia article on WOL


  • Extract the tarball
  • ./kwakeonlay.py

If someone wants to make a .deb and a .desktop file so it appears in the utility menu. I'd appreciate it :-)

If it doesn't work


KDE Service Menu Editor

KDE Service Menu Editor is a simple way of editing the right-click menus that you see when using Dolphin. It has simple but flexible way of selecting the "mime types" (type of file) that the menu should appear on. Then adding the menu is as simple as typing a name and the command

The reason I wrote this application, is because I noticed a lot of menus had not been ported to KDE4, rather than port them, I thought "why not write an application so everyone can make these menus easily."



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