KDE Telepathy 0.5.1 Released

Today we are releasing 0.5.1 of KDE Telepathy, the first patch release in our 0.5 series.

We have fixed over 14 bugs since release, including:

  • Skype no longer appears in the list of available protocols if it is not available
  • Fixed issues when KWallet is disabled
  • Log viewer crashes fixed
  • Loading logs for facebook users
  • Fixed log viewer not showing names in group chats
  • Added an indication that an account is connecting in the presence applet
  • Presence applet autohides if the user has no telepathy accounts
  • Presence applet fits in smaller panels correctly
  • A full list can be found here

    Many thanks to the entire KTp team, as well as to all the testers and bug reporters who helped in this release.

    Source code is available here and it should be in distributions shortly.

    Find out more about getting involved in KTp here

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