KDE Telepathy Moves To Extragear

KDE Telepathy has now moved from playground to extragear! This is the first step towards slowly taking over as being the official default messaging client in KDE, which will kick the crap out of any other IM clients out there.

I'd like to publicly thank everyone who helped get us to this stage. It's not been an easy ride, and we've made our fair share of mistakes (I'm probably responsible for most of them). We still have a long way to go, we're mostly a very solid product, but there's a staggering amount of wishlist items and features needed before we can claim to be finished. Please join us in #kde-telepathy if you want to help out.

If you want to thank us for our hard work, many of us will be at FOSDEM, please use the donate button below help contribute to our beer fund. All donations will be spent exclusively on alcohol/partying and not wasted on anything productive.

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