KTp 0.6.2 Released

We have just released version 0.6.2 of KDE Telepathy, KDE's instant messaging client.

This new minor release brings some important fixes on some crashes that occurred in rare conditions that we hadn't found before our initial release.

Crash Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • 318663: Esc key when filtering contacts does not reset filter model
    Git Commit
  • 318751: Groupwise logs imported from Kopete are displayed with HTML tags in chat window.
    Git Commit
  • 319162: Contact tooltips miss presence icon since model porting
    Git Commit

Getting Involved

As always we welcome new contributors, we are about to merge in some very exciting new changes, and it's a good time to get involved in testing and hacking.
The best way to get a new feature is to write it 🙂

For details please see our wiki page at http://community.kde.org/KTp/Getting_Involved

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