SDDM v0.15.0

SDDM is a Qt based Display Manager used by multiple desktops, but most importantly (certainly for the PlanetKDE crowd), KDE.

After a year of seemingly little activity, I've released SDDM v0.15.0
It is mostly a bugfix release with important changes, but nothing to get particularly excited about.

For full release notes please see:

Now this is out, I shall be merge a huge queue of pending larger changes - hopefully we shall see 0.16 in only a few months.

6 thoughts on “SDDM v0.15.0”

  1. hi David, i subscribed to your RSS feed in order to notice when you release a new SDDM so I was surprised to read this post with my feed staying empty. It turns out the RSS feed url points to , I guess that’s your old site? You may want to fix this? thanks

    I’m happy with the new release as I’m looking forward to the next release to support session reuse 🙂 without that feature, it’s really confusing for my parents to know when they have to start a new session or switch to an existing. I tried explaining.. but once that feature is merged, our troubles will be over 🙂

    1. session reuse released in 0.16, thanks!

      i notice you have fixed the RSS feed url, subbed now 🙂

  2. Well, thanx a lot. But I can’t realize what should I do to make elements of breeze theme using my own color scheme not root’s one as if I could use it starting “sddm-greeter –theme /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze” in my user session.

    1. Yeah, I don’t have an option for that. Dont’ have a neat way to not fill the UI with mostly pointless things.

      For your case, copy ~/.config/plasmarc (I think?) into /var/lib/sddm/ maintaining the path
      Note also local installed themes need copying

      1. Oh wow. I didn’t know this feature of SDDM. I’ve coppied also ~/.config/kdeglobals into /var/lib/sddm/.config (manjaro based on archlinux). Everything is OK. Thank you so much.

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