Structured Testing For KDE 4.9

This release cycle we're trying to improve the KDE quality process and add in some structured testing. This is a new program so we're trialing a lot of new ideas.

Application testing checklists

I've taken responsibility for testing all the newly rewritten QML plasmoids with a thorough checklist to make sure everything new is up to scratch ready for a great Plasma future.

This also exists for some other KDE apps (see wiki pages for details), and hopefully more in future.

Bug hunting days

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of June we will be running some bug hunting days. This will involve IRC training in good bugzilla usage, we will then spend the weekend in an intense testing and bug triaging session, with developers spending some of this time fixing these bugs.

Change testing

Also we're trying to identify all the new areas of medium-large changes and identify these as "areas that should get some more thorough testing". Developers, we need you to update this list with any new features that have been added or areas that have had big rewrites. Users, when you're testing go through this list, and give a bit of extra focus to these sections.

Developers and users, get involved!

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